Is LaserTrack Flare legal?

LaserTrack Flare complies with all European directives for infrared laser technology. Therefore the system is permitted anywhere in the world as a ‘remote control’ and as a laser detector. The deliberate influencing or disruption of laser speed guns is not permitted everywhere. Prior to selecting the desired mode on our web application, make sure disruption of police laser guns is permitted in the country/countries of your choice.

LaserTrack Flare protection in Europe?

LaserTrack Flare was successfully tested towards all laser based systems that are currently being used in Europe. Should police forces start to use new laser guns, not yet being recognised by LaserTrack Flare, we ensure to make an update available through our website as soon as possible. This way you are always assured of an up-to-date system.


LaserTrack Flare can be used to interfere with laser signals such as those of police laser guns. However, this should never happen intentionally and may be illegal in some countries.

It is therefore advised to check your local laws before enabling this feature.

LaserTrack Flare is to be used responsibly, and is not an excuse to speed.